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„The fen wolf“

For a captured pagan boy the way home is long and perilous..

And where can he search for guidance?

The pagan gods that he remembers have forsaken the desecrated oak groves, the God of the Cross that he learned about remains foreign and distant. Then across the continent the voice of a kindred spirit reaches him. The Abbot Francis of Assisi has put words in his lips that give meaning to the poor sacrifice he can offer...

And Medeina, the goddess of the forests, hears it and is pleased...

From the lair of  a she-wolf she guides his steps across a trackless marsh and ties his fate to that of one of her creatures. A bond is forged between him and the wolf cub left in his care. As it grows, and gains in strength and cunning they become a team. Now they are not helpless anymore. They can fight their way back to Samogitia.

This is the second tale in series that tells of the struggles of the last pagans in Europe. The year is 1224, the German conquerors of most of Livonia are ready to turn their forces southward against the Lithuanians and Samogitians. The ensuing struggle is destined to last for almost another two hundred years. And it is the pagans who are destined to win. Only then are they willing to become Christians.